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Designers escape has been started as a hub for all the creative artists and designers in the city to transform their crazy ideas into the 3rd dimension. It all stems from the basic idea of giving depth and realism to what an artist visualises.

We here, at the workshop constantly strive to give just the exact edge-cutting treatment required to make your ideas more tangible and clear. Our in-house designers’ regularly update new stock ranging from wall-clocks, bookmarks, coasters etc. All our products are quirky and just the thing for the young and the wild. And because we understand the youth, we boldly indulge into their fandom genres. Find us make daily objects, your favourite TV sitcoms and movie series. A sports fan? Watch us engrave your favourite sports team on leather. Interested in finer subtleties? See how we carve intricate details on different materials.

Curious much ? Peek-a-boo maybe ? And wanna know what’s more in-store ? Come and watch our space in the heart of the city, explore the variety of materials and innumerable ways to showcase your work to the world.

So, Need I say more ?This escape-town is the place for all designers and so we rightly call it the Designers Escape

Laser Cutting

The material is completely cut through laser.

Engraving and Etching

The material is only cut to a certain depth, leaving score marks on the surface.

Customized Products

We create a wide range of customized products as per user’s need.